She is that masculine, tanned, deep voiced, short haired or curled up (similar to granny hair) woman with body hair, who is just rude, bitter and aggressive to people.

She will be wearing jeans that reach her stomach and a buttoned shirt. Her formal clothes will be suits and ties. They are also usually tall and built, as opposed to the short and fat stereotype of a dykey lesbian.

She is a bully to people smaller or weaker than her. Bulldykes are sometimes school teachers - of gym and even kindergarten - they're like hell to children/students with their scary attitude and overall hard masculinity.

It is thought that they are brought to schools to scare children.
I had two scary bulldykes as teachers in elementary. They never stopped yelling at us and were scary as hell. They made me get diarrhea when they were nearby.
by avialae March 21, 2013
A scary, masculine lesbian whom almost all normal males would never want to be with.

They usually have butch haircuts and dress as un-femininely as possible (suits, flannel shirts, and UPS uniforms are popular choices). They almost NEVER wear makeup, and they often talk in deep, manly voices.

Bull dykes typically play the role of the male during lesbian relationships, and usually seek out "lipstick lesbians" as partners rather than other bull dykes.
Rosie O'Donnel is a hardcore bull dyke.
by Bo Bubba B. August 06, 2006
A Bull Dyke is a 'Hard Core Motha Fucka Lesbian' that will beat the living shit out of you if you even look twice at her!!!

A Bull Dyke is built like a tank and is not afraid to use her fists to pound you into the wall!!! Beware all men that cross her!!! See re-runs of Prisoner and look out for The Freak or Franky Doyle as stereotypical bull dykes.
Don't mess wit dat bull dyke man, she's wear'n steel capps and knuckle busters!

Is that a man? No man! It's a Bull Dyke!

Why do they call'em bull dykes man? Dunno... something to do with bull bars on a truck!
by The Moody Poet August 21, 2006
A female human who, in a supreme effort to be trendy, cuts her hair short, has her front teeth sharpened, and wears men's clothes and a leather collar with spikes around it. The bull dyke's favorite sport is coprophilia, the love of shit. The bull dyke loves to find a pretty lesbian lover to fist, and from whom to burgle turds.
While hiking on a mountain trail, I came upon a beautiful woman taking a great big dump right in the middle of the path. Around her, four bull dykes with butch cuts, sharpened front teeth, and spiked collars lay on the rocks and intently watched the dump's progress. One bull dyke flashed a terrible, canine smile and said, "I told you someone would see you."

The beautiful woman kept on dumping and said, melodramatically, "Oh, the perils of the trail!"

If you find this disgusting, don't blame me. I didn't take a dump in the path, and I'm not a coprophiliac bull dyke or a turd burglar. These are the wonderful folks that liberal twits hold to be so charming. Real nice, eh?
by Joao Bufamarillo May 26, 2005
The "bull-dyke" is a large and/or muscular female. Other adjectives that apply are "butch," "goth," and "camp." They are into rough sex with other bull-dykes, and drive trucks and ride motorcycles.
(Sung to the tune of "surf city")
Well theres 2 big bull dykes for every dude
And all you gotta ask is "Who brought the 'ludes ??"
Well it's bull dyke city and we're havin' fun
Yeah, bull dyke city got 'em on the run....... etc.
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
BULLDYKE: (German root) A woman who appears to be more butch than a real man. They are usually seen wearing jean jackets, wolf t-shirts or rainbow hats. Their habitat is mostly biker bars, truck pulls and Celine Dion concerts.
A woman with short gray hair and a leather jacket is a bulldyke.
by ilovealanis4ever July 24, 2008
a mannish lesbian usually identified by an overwhelming ammount of leather being worn and usually sporting a mullet and/or facial hair
I thought that dude was hot, tillm I found out it was a bulldyke
by Dana March 25, 2003
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