Top Definition
A funnier way of saying bull shit.
A: "I won that bet, you owe me $20.00"
B: "Man, thats some bull tits."
by Mrbiginpants January 18, 2009
1.when something is fake and useless

2.something does not make sense and has no point

3.a hoebag with saggy man tits
That wing is bulltits man

That heather girl is bulltits
by IUUKNOW April 18, 2007
When life hands you a load of bullshit, strap on a pair of bulltits
Yo Tim, you jumped in the shower right when I had to use the bathroom before class. Thats a bunch of BULLTITS!!!
by bobby brosky December 05, 2009
The state of being as useless as teats on a bull
Hey - Mark screwed up again...
Man - that guy is Bulltits !!!
by SilentBob73 June 21, 2014
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