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A dangerous shark species. Is common in warm, shallow waters, but also tolerates fresh water of the Rems river.
Dude, we were having a bath in the Rems yesterday when a bull shark ate my grandma!
by 2Gun Vega April 24, 2008
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one of the most dangerous sharks in the world its has the largest testosterone rating in the world more than any other animal in the sea and land and can survive in salt and fresh water
the bull shark is awesome but very dangerous
by clinteastwoodfan13 August 11, 2009
If your into sea animals, this word is for you. Its like bullshit only with sharks and it can also be used while playing a fun filled sea animal card game.
"person a: hm.. lets see ill put down three, fours.
person b: bullshark.
person a: damn."
by LEAH:D June 14, 2008
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