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1:bull crap, but made apropriate for mixed company
2:something that is not important, idle chit chat, i.e, shooting the bull
the test scores were streight bull hockey
by Mc lovein December 21, 2007
Originating in the Banbury area, this word handily combines bullshit, poppycock and hogwash into one handy exclamation which is suitable for any occasion and all company.
Tiders: I invented the Glasgow Tri Gay-Rape
by Mr B. Hockey October 04, 2009
When one makes a mistake, but doesn’t want to acknowledge the mistake, or a pleasant fill in for any of those inappropriate words that could get you into trouble in a school, assembly, or other highly populated places.
Ah bullhockey, i failed my test.
This is bullhockey.
Your full of bullhockey.
by LeoFlame November 26, 2007
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