an eating disorder where you put your index finger into the back of your throat and shove it down the little hole behind your tonsils.this will make you puke up a lot of what you have eaten in the past half hour. just remember to cut your nail(s) before doing this as not to cut yourself.
ex. rianna has bulimia.that means she has a great body since shes not fat,but since she has long nails sometimes she cuts the back of her throat,whitch hurts quite a bit.
by rianna12345 June 13, 2009
A hilarious "eating disorder" (read: sex game) which involves eating a lot, orally stimulating oneself and projectile vomiting. It's actually very good fun, I highly recommend it.
Bulimic: That was some sick bulimia I had last night!
by [PE]Reprazent May 04, 2009
Twice the taste with none of the calories.
Do you need to lose stubborn belly fat but you love food too much to diet?
Well, have we got a solution for you!
The only logical answer, kids, is bulimia!
by Sari Othello March 22, 2007
something that people who want to look good but are too lazy to exercise. they "become victims of" this.
bulimia's gross
by Deege2121 November 05, 2008
eating disorder.

the person eats a lot, doesn't gain weight, weight tends to stay the same. the person is sad/depressed/bipolar

it's so funny. trust me it is, laugh all you want
if you see a person suddenly losing a lot of weight they could be bulimic lol. it's like after knowing them while they binged and ate so much wine, they still lost weight!

the person has a really big appetite. like an increased appetite, it speeds up the metabolism so they lose more weight during their youth.

bulimic girls tend to be really good looking and attractive, but depressed. bulimia makes them unattractive and frail. i love food though, i'm not bulimic (who hate food as much as they love eating it)
a lot of girls i know are bulimic

bulimics are very thin, people who have bulimia get skinny

bulimia sux

bulimia is a bitch to life, who is a bitch to you

i don't think you're bulimic. but i could be wrong even though i think i'm not!
by kikyou June 15, 2008
The ability to read peoples minds!
I became bulimic,
by Joe C April 08, 2005
Something fat people should try.
"Sharron has bulimia, shes got a kick-ass body now"
by straightupgyo May 09, 2006

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