A horrible eating disorder in which the person, usually a young girl, eats large ammounts of food then feels bad and finds some way to "purge" themselves of the calories.

Many bulimics are recovering anorexics. They've had to deal with denying themselves their favorite food for so long that now they don't have the will power neccisary to do it any more, so they gorge themselves and puke, exersive, or use laxitives to get rid of it afterwards.

Like anorexics, bulimics sometimes do what they do to feel in control. But they do so without the same self control that anorexics have, and bulimics are harder to catch with more severe symptoms then anorexics.
Amy had only been home from Anorexia rehab for two days, when her mom found her barfing up an entire cake. She's checked back into rehab for Bulimia now.
by Kirti Miko July 31, 2009
A condition where people (surveys show mainly teenage girls) binge on food then take laxitives or force themselves to throw up thinking it will allow them to enjoy food without putting on weight. Refusing to admit they have a problem can be a first sign of an eating disorder.
-a mental condition and can be confused with anorexia.
Jane: man i could go some nachos *eats*. Holy shit i shouldnt have eaten that *vomits*

Susan: hey do you have bulimia or something?
Jane: NO! I just feel sick... (denial)
by scottish_bxtchxx September 05, 2009
twice the taste, zero times the calories.

An eating disorder characterized by puking up previously eaten food.
After seeing Nicole Richie in a bikini, all the bulimic girls stopped throwing up, and decided that bulimia definitely did not make people better looking.
by pflwr February 18, 2009
The ability to read minds.
Jill: "I have bulimia."

Jack: "OMG ok I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50...."
by rawrzroz September 28, 2009
Nom and vom.
"Wow, Jeanie got sooo skinny! I heard she has bulimia..."
"I know, apparently she's nomming and vomming on a regular basis."
by nomnomvom April 16, 2010
A method of food consumption recommended for people who love to eat but don't want to gain weight.
"Man, I love bulimia! Twice the flavor, zero calories!
by OhYesYouDidn't! January 03, 2011
Anorexia for pussies.
Insecure Girl: I want to be anorexic, but I like food too much! What should I do?
TV Commercial: Wanna lose weight fast, but don't want to have to starve yourself? Then try Bulimia! All you have to do is eat all you want, make yourself throw up, and watch the pounds melt off!
Announcer at the end that talks really quickly: Side effects include heart attack, stomach ulcers, shitting yourself, pissing yourself, tooth decay, bad breath, and death.
Insecure Girl: That sounds great! I'll start right away! (eats 30 tons of twinkies then throws up so much that it floods her house)
by Non-Bulimic person November 25, 2010

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