People living in Bulgaria or from Bulgarian descent. Usually think that their country is the best in world, with the most beautiful women and nature, although they probably have never even been to another country. Believe that they invented the computer, rakia and shopska salata. Constantly complain about how poor they are but are unwilling to work. Don't ever talk to them about the 'Turkish yoke' unless you want to be trapped in a 5 hour conversation about their skewed vision of history. If this happens, open a window and door and they will run away screaming because the 'techenya' (or draft) might kill them.
Bulgarians seriously think that they invented the computer.
by Desislava December 17, 2008
A homosexual male (think of it as the counterpart to Lesbian.)

This is actually quite old slang- dating back to the 13th - 14th century. It has its roots in Catharism: a religious sect that believed that the physical world was evil, and thus encouraged its followers to not procreate by engaging in anal intercourse rather than vaginal. Despite their peaceful philosophy, they were eventually massacred by Catholics (in France there was even a crusade against them- look it up!) Since many of the Cathars beliefs had originated from a similar sect, the Bogomils of Bulgaria, they were called bougres (French for Bulgars,) which eventually mutated into the modern day slang term "bugger."
Girl 1 - I like Jimmy, but sometime I get the feeling he might be a bulgarian. What do you think?

Girl 2 - He's just metrosexual.


Straight Man 1 - What do you think is better, Wicked the book or Wicked the show?

Straight Man 2 - The book, mos def.

Straight Man 3 - You guys do realize how incredibly Bulgarian this conversation is, right?
by Isengrim December 08, 2009

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