The illest county in the world yo. Beautiful girls, beaches and crazy parties.
Yo man i didnt no Bulgaria was the shit.
by mNeo December 30, 2004
the best club's..and beaches with many nude people..and the people are GANGSTA! i te sa SUPER gotini..i yaki!!!
Dude i love Bulgaria. it is the best place for a vacation!
by Iana i Villy March 27, 2005
the best fucking country in da world hottest guys/chicks best alcohol(rakija)best yoghurt, best cheese. Yeb si majkati ako mislish obratno
Bulgaria is DA SHIT totaly
by Matzka January 02, 2006
A beautiful country that has a lot of history and culture. It may not be the most prosperous when is comes to economics but that does not define it's natural wonders and wonderful people. If you can look past the fact that it is not the richest country in the world, then you are in for a treat. There are beautiful mountains, beaches, and places for nature lovers. You can visit the monistaries if you want to see the culture and history. If you want shopping and clubbing, just go to the capital (Sofia) and you will find more than what you need. I am Bulgarian and even though I now live in the USA nothing could replace the wonders of Bulgaria for me. It's a cultural nation even if it is not presented as so by others. Yes, there are gypsies who live there, but that is no different from the gangs and homeless of the USA. It is known in legends and myths as the nation that must be 'a little piece of heaven'. Keep that in mind before you judge!
"Bulgaria is a wonderous nation!"
by L.Cypher January 29, 2009
Bulgaria is the center of Christian Orthodoxism.
Are you Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox???
Neither. I am Bulgarian Orthodox.
by lidka March 25, 2004
Bulgaria is a country located in Eastern Europe, popular for its strong alcoholic beverages, beautiful women, great food, and, sadly, the mangali and the chalga. But, if you can live with those two, Bulgaria's a nice place to have your vacation.
Come and see for yourself...
by Dreben_2097 August 23, 2005
An ancient country in the Balkan region inhabited mainly by the Slavic people. A number of times during its history, Bulgaria dominated the Balkans. The two Bulgarian empires dominated a large amount of land including much of Greece. The first Bulgarian Empire took the city of Constantinople twice, however the generals were bribed and the city was never oficially conquered. The first Bulgarian Empire collapsed after it was weakened by the Mongols and the second because of the Ottoman invasion. Bulgaria secured its independence during the late 19th century after they defeated the armies of the weakend Ottoman Empire. Bulgaria has alot of culture and history. It was two Bulgarian monks, Qiril and his brother, that ceated the cyrillic alphabet. The same alphabet that was later adopted by Russia. Because of centuries of Ottoman rule the spirit of the Bulgarian people is not a strong as it was. It will take time to recover the former strength of the Bulgarian people.
The first Bulgarian Empire could have ruled Europe, was it not for the bribery of the Byzantine politicians.
by X-45B23 July 14, 2006
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