A country in Southeastern Europe. The majority of the population consists of South Slavic people with desperate need to present themselves as non-Slavic due to historical inferiority complex caused by Russia; they have also a surprisingly large amount of ethnic minorities which are treated in a way Hitler could only dream of, and yet they like to pose as the most tolerant country in Eastern Europe. The thought pattern of an average Bulgarian is very peculiar and absolutely incomprehensive from the point of view of any inhabitant of a relatively civilised country, yet it's perceived as totally normal by the natives and their equally backwards neighbours, such as Serbs, Romanians etc.

It has to be noted that Bulgarians themselves are fully aware of their miserable condition and talk about it all the time, yet they will never admit it in front of a foreigner; a trait shared by Serbs and Eastern Slavs as well.
Average Bulgarian: Dude, I hate it here, fuck these uncultured swines. Oh how I wish I was born in a normal country...
Foreigner: Yes mate, I see what you're talking about. I can't believe you live in that shit. See, I have these tickets...
Bulgarian: What? Fuck you, faggot, shove them up your ass! I love my motherland! We have the most beautiful girls in the worlds, I've written about them on urbandictionary! Fuck you fat fuck! Fuck.
by popyordanov November 26, 2013
the most sexy girls in the world live in bulgaria.
bulgaria equals paradise
by Todor Hristov January 26, 2004
Regarded as the country where a lot of beautiful women live.
-Dude, I love Bulgarian women!
-I know!
by Georgi Trifonov March 09, 2005
A country founded in 681 and been fucking Byzantines, Greeks, Serbians, Turks, and other kinds of shit since then (we got fucked up during the world wars but that doesn't matter) , the country is famous for its beautiful women (the most beautiful in the world), the rakiya ( very strong alcohol that only bulgarians can drink, if you are a foreigner, don't drink it, it will kill you ), and the yoghurt. Bulgarians struggle to survive because of the lack of money, but I fucking love it.
"I went to Bulgaria last year. It was great except for the black guys that robbed me and fucked me in the ass, I think tha cops called them "lainqni mangali""
by Simo April 24, 2005
I would die for Bulgaria, a wonderful country with the most beautiful girls. Even if I don't live here after I grow up I will comeback to die on this land
I am beautiful :)) "My country,my Bulgaria, I will always love you" - yeah baby!
by NightWitch May 09, 2005
the best fucking country there is,there is no better place then bulgaria,de abe maykaty,bulgaria is number 1.
yo man when i went to bulgaria i got a boner cause it was so nice.
bulgaria is off the chain
by jordan June 25, 2004
The illest county in the world yo. Beautiful girls, beaches and crazy parties.
Yo man i didnt no Bulgaria was the shit.
by mNeo December 30, 2004
Dudes, this country has the most beautiful women, nature, dudes and so on . . . That's the best place to have a really cool vacation, 'cause it is full ot cool dudes, who know how not to spare their time !
You don't need an example to understand this - you must see this country - Bulgaria !
by A.I.LZP October 17, 2005

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