the most sexy girls in the world live in bulgaria.
bulgaria equals paradise
by Todor Hristov January 26, 2004
It is a country in Eastern Europe.
Person 1: were do you want to go for vacation?

Person 2: Bulgaria!!!!!!
by Anderdawg February 24, 2014
Da realest gangsta nation!
damn...bulgaria's pimpin!
by anguel October 09, 2004
Beautiful small country in south-east Europe. Over Turkey and Greece and under Romania. Next to Black Sea. It has amazing geography. The most beautiful women are from Bulgaria ;) ;dd
The famous actress Nina Dobrev is from Bulgaria and the football player Dimitar Berbatov from Manchester United is from here
by sunnywithoutachance February 20, 2013
A country in Southeastern Europe. The majority of the population consists of South Slavic people with desperate need to present themselves as non-Slavic due to historical inferiority complex caused by Russia; they have also a surprisingly large amount of ethnic minorities which are treated in a way Hitler could only dream of, and yet they like to pose as the most tolerant country in Eastern Europe. The thought pattern of an average Bulgarian is very peculiar and absolutely incomprehensive from the point of view of any inhabitant of a relatively civilised country, yet it's perceived as totally normal by the natives and their equally backwards neighbours, such as Serbs, Romanians etc.

It has to be noted that Bulgarians themselves are fully aware of their miserable condition and talk about it all the time, yet they will never admit it in front of a foreigner; a trait shared by Serbs and Eastern Slavs as well.
Average Bulgarian: Dude, I hate it here, fuck these uncultured swines. Oh how I wish I was born in a normal country...
Foreigner: Yes mate, I see what you're talking about. I can't believe you live in that shit. See, I have these tickets...
Bulgarian: What? Fuck you, faggot, shove them up your ass! I love my motherland! We have the most beautiful girls in the worlds, I've written about them on urbandictionary! Fuck you fat fuck! Fuck.
by popyordanov November 26, 2013
1.) The second most known nation of former Soviet satellite states beginning with the letter B.
2.) A little known nation that, were it known, would be known for its fresh produce, slender and provocatively dressed women, crumbling concrete communist apartments, stray dogs, and deplorable customer service.
3.) A nation that has embraced the vanity, materialism, and cultural horrors of capitalism without adopting its called upon strong work ethic or sound business sense.
4.) A nation that puts corn, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and bologna on soggy bread and has the gall to call it pizza.
5.) A nation that is proud of its nature yet throws trash everywhere.
6.) A nation whose populace will more readily point out unfortunate historical events or ethnic minorities as the cause of its short comings rather than the vast complacency and defeatism found within its populace.
7.) A nation with a few redeemable qualities. Possibly the best place in the world if you were raised there and have not spent significant time in other countries. Otherwise, nyama shance (no chance.)
“So, you spent over a year in Bulgaria? How was it?”
“They got the same shit over there that we got over here. Only there it’s usually a lot worse.”
by PointBlankNoJoke March 03, 2009
poor,miserable people,immigrating in a search of a better life.
I don't earn enough money to make the ends meet so I'm leaving Bulgaria to somehow live normally.
by BG girl September 13, 2007
a country that only blindingly patriotic bulgarians write definitions for. definitions boil down to claims that this country has the most beautiful women, yet no bulgarian woman has never won miss world or miss universe.
I saw a pornographic movie with a Bulgarian woman in it. She took it in both orifices with no lube and swallowed the goo with a smile. She made me very horny so I made an urban dictionary definiton. God I love Bulgaria.
by Supb August 14, 2007

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