I would die for Bulgaria, a wonderful country with the most beautiful girls. Even if I don't live here after I grow up I will comeback to die on this land
I am beautiful :)) "My country,my Bulgaria, I will always love you" - yeah baby!
by NightWitch May 09, 2005
poor,miserable people,immigrating in a search of a better life.
I don't earn enough money to make the ends meet so I'm leaving Bulgaria to somehow live normally.
by BG girl September 13, 2007
The worst country in da world !!! There is fuckin "music" named "chalga", many gipsy, much trash... If you come here you sorry about that !!!
Bulgaria SUX don't come here
by lil_hater May 02, 2008
another corrupt destitute former communist country in eastern europe who, like everywhere in eastern europe, struggles to create an "identity" they can be proud of. bulgarians are partly thracians with predominantly turkic, arab and indian gypsy heritage, but claim to be a proud, beautiful people. bulgarian men are usually metrosexuals obsessed with ridiculous and tacky "fashion", as are the slutty women. most of them have big noses from their arab heritage, many of them lie and deceive because of their gypsy heritage, and many of them are corrupt criminals and pervs like their distant savage ancestors from asia. if asked where they are from, bulgarians will usually say "russia" because they know that no one has a fucking clue where bulgaria is.

Fun Facts...
1. bulgaria is the gypsy capital of europe.
2. because deceit runs thick in their vains a bulgarian weight lifter was disqualified for cheating in the olympics.
3. bulgarians are as famous for making computer virii as they are for sexually transmitted virii.
4. bulgaria has a beautiful countryside... LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!
5. while the rest of europe was growing and prospering bulgarians and other many other "slavs" were beating drums and pillaging villages.
I went to bulgaria because life was too good and I felt like getting robbed and catching sexually transmitted diseases while listening to bad music (CHALGA).
by Janez123 April 18, 2008
A country full of "doods" wearing speedos with pubic hair sticking out and big gold chains. They listen to chalga and and drink Rakija like it's water. If Russians ever come (military or civilian) they pay gypsies a carton of cigarettes to wait for them at the airport with sticks and pitchforks. In fact, most Bulgarians are probably gypsies. The women have recently developed a new style - short, cropped red dyed hair (on the head and the genitals). If you have a TV back in your home country, they'll probably sleep with you (even if you are a Turk!). If that happens (if you ever visit this primitive land), you can be sure that you will wake up covered in sweaty pretzels and gummy worms (a favorite snack of the Bulgar) and there will be a general stench of Rakija and vomit. The woman will likely be gone with your wallet and your chewing gum. Bulgaria is indeed a beautiful place.
When I went to bulgaria, I got 5 different veneral diseases. There are no places to buy condoms, for, when the Russians tried to bring them, they were shot on sight.
by ebato March 09, 2006
Bulgaria is a nice , small country but the inhabitants are largely dissapointing..they're such dumbasses..Their girls are gourgeous..but mostly of them are ugly with horrifying big noses.. Their streets are poor..Go with your weakest car..if you go to Bulgaria.. Shit.. this asswholes.. envy a lot Romania and Hungary.. Their soccer coach.. Hristo Stoichkov.. is a punk-ass and he's over forty..He's always talking like a fake thug wannabe punk..
A Guy in Romania/ Hungaria lookin' at girls.. he's like : FINE ! FINE ! FINE !

A Guy in Bulgaria lookin' at girls.. He's Like..: bleaaah.. Fine! .. ugggly bitch..brooaar..shit..fatass girl..another one.. yuck !! fuck ..
by ReGGaeToN September 03, 2006
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