A term used by parents and guardians to give certain weight to doing tasks normally not enjoyed/wanted (ie chores, homework).

"Building character" should be defined as creating strength within yourself to complete tasks that you normally would not appreciate doing when you don't have someone forcing your actions.
Son : But, MOM!!! I don't want to mow the grass!
Mother : Do it anyway.
Father : Yes, son, it builds character.
by dezy July 07, 2004
A term many working classes and deeply religious people use to have an impressionable and coddled young person experience something unpleasant or humiliating, usually hard labor, something embarrassing, or confinement. Results usually end up either having the person's spirit broken or ending up with being just as much of an asshole as the person enforcing it.
Flipping burgers builds character
by waspcoloredstain April 29, 2015

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