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technical term for the tilde key on the keyboard ~
derived from the famous serial killer buh goo guh johnson who would shank his victims with a knife and then defecate one their chest in a squigly line creating a sort of tilde shaped feces pile. This wa known as the mark of the buh guh.
User-Hey this is harry johnson calling cause i am having problems with a key on my keyboard. the key with the squigly line on it. I think it is called a talde or something. well anyway it isnt working, so i called you cause your the helpdesk and i need he hehehe.
Technician- Ok sir please stop laughing like a retard. what you are refering to is known as a tilde to people with an iq of less than 10. And if you had a higher iq than 10 which you dont, then it would be a buhguh. There is only one way to fix your problem and that is to take the computer and shove it up your a$$.
User- excuse me i want to know your last name and i want to speak to your manager!
Technician- hold on one second sir i will get him.......................
Dial Tone- Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
Womans Voice- If you would like to make a call please hang up and dial again....message number 23......
by Masta MC licious April 01, 2005
n. An alternate term for the ~ (tilde) key on a keyboard.

Used primarily by Help Desk and Sys Admin personell to belittle and insult the intelligence of a normal user by making up a faux term for a simple object.
User: Hello. I'm not receiving e-mail. I think the internet is down for cleaning, can you please help me?

Help Desk: Absolutely. First, I'll need you to hold down the buhguh for 5 hours while I preform intensive diagnostics on your machine.

User: Um, okay.

Help Desk: Are you ready?

User: Yeah. Oh wait, what does the buhguh look like again?

Help Desk: You work for this company and you aren't even familiar with the "buhguh concept"? For your information, it's what typically referred to as the "tilde" in non-technical circles. I'll need you to go to your supervisor immediately and request remedial training for buhguh usage and concepts.
by samurai_gremlin March 31, 2005
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