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Invented, developed and refined by a group of highly intellectual elite homosexual prostitutes from Houston, Texas, the word "buh-hoe" can be used to describe, define or express any noun, verb, or adjective; and any idea, emotion, surname. It is often used also to fill in the proverbial blank when the user forgets an essential part of an idea he / she is communicating.
"Death of a Buh-Hoe," by E.B. White
I'm gonna go drink some buh-hoe.
by eBay Buh-Hoe November 02, 2004
The genius term to express frustration toward another individual usually as a noun.

YseneH nehpetS
Your mom takes it up the buhhoe from me while I finger fuck her throaght.
by idkmybffjill69696 July 03, 2012
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