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an informal expression used to say goodbye, see ya, bye etc.
Person1: I'm gonna go now. See ya!
Person2: Alright, buh bye :)
by Martiine March 22, 2007
Getting frisky with goodbye.
Buh bye, I wish you well. Peace. :)

by StaynSweet September 10, 2013
A routine send-off. The origin is from the airlines, when the flight ended, and stewardesses bade farewell to planeloads of passengers as they filed out.
Passenger 1: "Enjoyed the flight."
Stewardess: "Buh bye."
Passenger 2: "See you next trip."
Stewardess: "Buh bye."
Passenger 3: ""Bye now."
Stewardess: "Buh bye, buh bye, buh bye, buh bye...."
by lbjack April 22, 2011
literally means, get the fuck out of my face.
I will fuck you up!
Mm'kay, buhbye.
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
Knock Knock.
Who's There?
Uhhhhhh Buhbye!
See Above.
by Lalala January 10, 2004
normally used as a dismissive for a person's comments or an idea that is unwelcome or unpleasant. sometimes used after a look of disbelief.
1)Friend: "Girl what are you wearing? You look a mess."
Friend 2: "Ooh! Buh bye!"

2)Guy (joking): "You wanna mess around?"
Guy 2: "Dude! Buh bye!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004