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1. When your vagina is so fat that it resembles a butt.

2. The area in between your butthole and vagina.
1. Look at Kirstie Alley in those spandex pants. Major bugina!

2. Alicia, don't spread your legs. I can see your bugina.
by Raysten August 17, 2009
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n. boo-jai-nah
1. A bastardization of anything.
2. One who litters not for the sake of convenience, but in order to antagonize others.
3. A world or reality that is doomed to a terrible and sickening annihilation.
1. Q: Where do ghosts have sex?
A: In the bugina.

2. Despite his popularity, the lumberjack was quite the bugina.

3. The pitiful online community of vampires had no idea that they were living in a bugina.
by StickDropperBetty July 12, 2005

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