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This fucked up porn "star" named Anastasia Blue. She likes eatin' cum. This dumb slag chokes herself over and over on a big blacks baseball bat sized cock of doom. She really has problems. Just watch the videos- you can find them on Kazaa under if you search for her by name. This bitch is ate up... I would really be surprised if she was alive, fucking whacked out bitches like this end up getting the hiv and.. well, i don't know how they end up. Bugeyes is quite unparallelled. PURE COMICAL VALUE. this video will NOT help you get your nut off.
we like to watch bugeyes every day for a good laugh.
by HotKarl May 04, 2004
huge scary eyes that make me want to kill myself.
I know a girl with bug eyes, so does Jezca.
by speedy January 21, 2003