This fucked up porn "star" named Anastasia Blue. She likes eatin' cum. This dumb slag chokes herself over and over on a big blacks baseball bat sized cock of doom. She really has problems. Just watch the videos- you can find them on Kazaa under if you search for her by name. This bitch is ate up... I would really be surprised if she was alive, fucking whacked out bitches like this end up getting the hiv and.. well, i don't know how they end up. Bugeyes is quite unparallelled. PURE COMICAL VALUE. this video will NOT help you get your nut off.
we like to watch bugeyes every day for a good laugh.
by HotKarl May 04, 2004
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"Pigs in blankets"; cocktail franks. These often resemble the heads of insects, with the ends of the frankfurters poking out of each side of the wrap, resembling the eyes.
At the Chinese restaurant, my pu-pu platter tasted awful, so I stopped eating it and went for the bug eyes.
by pentozali January 23, 2012
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