Top Definition
Female masturbation.
I caught Laurel buffin' the muffin in the washroom today! It was nasty!
by Jyynx September 20, 2006
The female act of masturbation.
Laurel is always at home, buffin' the muffin after work.
by Jyynx September 24, 2006
The female act of masturbation
Since Kasey wasn't home after work, Laurel decided it was time for a little bit of buffin' the muffin.
by Jyynx September 26, 2006
While there are tons of endearing terms for male masturbation, why are there so few for female masturbation? It's time we bring Buffin the Muffin into mainstream lingo for the ladies.
While he was choking the chicken, she was buffin the muffin.
by NatraLee February 17, 2015

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