Fucking something up extremely, or not being able to focus.
Usually being said if something bad happens while under the influence of some kind of drug.
"Don't be buffalo, do bomb."
"James, you buffalo you broke my front door?!"
"Your being buffalo."
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
The auto-correct version of BFF during text messaging or IM-ing from a cellular device.
You are my Buffalo.
by sinny_2011 January 22, 2011
an awesome city
that loser fuckrap lives in a shack down by the river, he doesnt live anywhere near a city or Buffalo for that matter
by wordup September 08, 2003
1: A type of animal

2: A city in New York

3: A verb meaning to fight

The only word that can be used to make one sentence:
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.
Buffalo (as in the city) Buffalo (as in the animal) Buffalo (as in the verb) Buffalo (as in the city) Buffalo (as in the animal)

In other words:

A Buffalo from Buffalo fought a Buffalo from Buffalo.
by Shay Live June 12, 2011
The nickname of a girl who is absolutely beautiful, hilarious, fun to be around, smart, talented (an artist), who every boy (who has sense...and enough balls to pursuit her) wants... The nickname buffalo is just a cover-she should be nicknamed angel. diva. princess. or goober.
Wow-I was honored to be in the presence of "the buffalo" --sigh....my day just got better.
by abijahv February 24, 2010
A BUFFALO is a member of a drinking gang / game founded by The Great Marco Cota. In order to become a buffalo you need to be sworn in by a buffalo in a public place. You cannot know the rules to buffalo until you become one. And remember once a buffalo always a buffalo!
Buffalo! Drink up bitch!
Mario was wounded, I buffaloed him like six times!
by Big Marco July 28, 2011
Buffalo is a drinking game that you can only play if you agree to play for life. There's no blood contract, but there might as well be. The rules are as follow:
-A buffalo player must always hold his or her drink
in his or her non-dominant hand. If you are ambidextrous you must declare a hand of choice prior to entering the game (for life).
-a failure to follow the first rule results in the ability for another buffalo player to call "BUFFALO!" on you. At this point you must chug your entire beer.
-There are many caveats. If a beer is in your dominant hand and also placed on a table or on your shoulder, or if you manage to inconspicuously touch your drink with any part of your non-dominant hand, then if "BUFFALO" is called it doesn't count. This is known as a "false buffalo," and the offending false accuser must then chug their beer.
-Another occasion in which the "false buffalo" rule can be invoked is if you are double fisting. This creates many interesting scenarios, as you can attempt to trick people by holding a beer in your dominant hand while holding one in your other hand also, perhaps under the table, behind your back, maybe in the pocket of a hoodie. Both beers must be open and must contain at least some beer for it to be a "false buffalo," otherwise youve been the victim of a legit buffalo call. Inducing a false buffalo is generally more respected than calling a successful one.
-Athletes may wish to incorporate "water buffalo" to stay hydrated.

Player 2: "Fuck I'm gonna puke," or "False Buffalo!"
by El Capitan Monsiuer Bisch January 25, 2010
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