Fucking something up extremely, or not being able to focus.
Usually being said if something bad happens while under the influence of some kind of drug.
"Don't be buffalo, do bomb."
"James, you buffalo you broke my front door?!"
"Your being buffalo."
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
small city in western new york that is located next to lake erie. home of chad michael murray,teddy geiger, rick james, the goo goo dolls, and lucille ball. has two major sports teams: the good buffalo sabres and the terrible buffalo bills. the restaurant named the "anchor bar" is resposible for the chicken wing.
"let's go buffalo, lets go buffalo"
by clint bauer August 25, 2006
A wonderous *cough* city in Western New York, known mostly for chicken wings, our usually horrible football team, the insane amount of bars (that's mostly the Chip Strip and South Buffalo), and having spawned the Goos. Home of the #1 highschool and middle school in WNY - City Honors. If you're ever visiting during the summer, check out Thrusday at the Square.
Buffalo NY, hey - at least we're not Compton!
by Boochies August 27, 2003
v. A synonym for vomit, typically used in the Orient. The word likely originated from the term yak, however, due to the ubiquity of yaks in some parts of south central Asia, the term buffalo is more appropriate and less confusing.
Anil: "Oh man, I feel gross! I think I'm gonna buffalo!!"
by YakLeatherPants April 15, 2011
Gayest city in the great State of New York. In fact, the only non-gay city in the entire Empire State is New York City; mainly the following boroughs: Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Example 1

Wee Frank resides from gay Buffalo. He's so gay, that even if he was from the coolest place in the world, Staten Island, he'd still
be half queer.

Example 2

Wee Frank has a fake girlfriend in Buffalo.

Example 3

The Buffalo Bills had a kicker named Ray Finkle who missed the game winning field goal in the 1990 Super Bowl to the best sports team ever, the New York Football Giants
by Jay Knockers February 07, 2009
v. the act of standing about lazily whilst being shot and maimed by people stupid enough to move to Montana in the early 1800's, thereby ensuring the extinction of your species due to unabated sloth.
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
by jestermeister November 27, 2011
Additional word for nigga or African Americans.
The Buffaloes in the gym are so damn loud.
by the biddeford sluts January 08, 2011
a game played between all the male members of a party in which everyone throws in ten to twenty dollars a person before the party starts. during the party whomsoever should take home the fattest ugliest girl there (the "buffalo") wins the prize money you must first disclose the location so that your friends can walk in and get the proof
hey man who won buffalo last night i know my bitch weighed at least 280 i couldn't hardly breath
by cumminscomp5.9 March 04, 2009

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