by hazzzzzzzzzzz October 05, 2008
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that loser fuckrap lives in a shack down by the river, he doesnt live anywhere near a city or Buffalo for that matter
by wordup September 08, 2003
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A once prospering city in Western New York State that has been hopelessly reduced to a rotting, smelly, crime-ridden pile of shit; thanks in part to a Mayor with the intellect and mannerisms of Bullwinkle the Moose. He continually shrugs his shoulders in awe of his own ineptness, and keeps a stack of index cards with his standard "spin" responses to any substantive questions.
Buffalo is going nowhere but down, because no politician wants to get his/her prints on this trainwreck. If you find yourself traveling the I-90 towards Buffalo, just keep on driving.
Mathematical formula:

Mayor of Buffalo X 3 terms divided by number of jobs lost squared, subtract 54 percent in population drop, add political stupidity and corruption to an exponent of 50 = The stench that is the city of Buffalo
by beastfan August 12, 2004
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Verb - to push ahead, plow over or unwittingly dominate in one's actions or in a given situation.
Noun - Someone who embodies these qualities.
Stop buffaloing through my twelve-pack and buy your own.

by August O. November 22, 2006
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everybody loves buffalo aka, b-lo, buffalove, bufflehoe .... Inspite of a diminishing economy and having the second highest poverty rate in the U.S it doesn't mean we dont know how to party. we have an outstanding night life and sports teams that are just amazing *cough*. in the west we have latinas and crew camp? in the east we got the GHETT0 * and north and south are for the irish people. we have the greatest suburbs like cheektavegas and the BURG. we have the ancor bar and bars on every street corner along with my mama and the prostitutes. we have a very cold winter and a beautiful summer. the lake is a gorgeous view and it is a way to escape from the city. the marina is the blace to be!! we love to drink! ge' somee ge' somee ! everybody love everybody in buffalo. and buffalonians know how to deal with whatever you throw at them so if you dont live here your a pansy ass bitch.
two dogs are conversing in the streets of buffalo ....
abbi: where can you get some buffalo wings?
rachelle: anywhere ! you can fiind them in a garbage can, at the gas station or local walmart, therse some laying in the basement of that abandond house, and my fat ass priest even hides some in the tabernacle at church!
abbi: what about beerr i love me some labatt on a cold winters day
rachelle: go anywhere for that too you can find it at an AA meeting, the rehab center up the road, those little kids are selling it over there and you can find some reallyy good stuff up my ass right now i saved it for later here just reach right up
abbi: get cho asss out-
rachelle- just grap some its right -
abbi- get the hell out of my hood right now-
rachelle- its really good just grap it it hasn't been there that lon-
abbi- i will beat you skinny spotted asss
rachelle- i see how it is..
by sophia & rachel June 21, 2008
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Gayest city in the great State of New York. In fact, the only non-gay city in the entire Empire State is New York City; mainly the following boroughs: Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Example 1

Wee Frank resides from gay Buffalo. He's so gay, that even if he was from the coolest place in the world, Staten Island, he'd still
be half queer.

Example 2

Wee Frank has a fake girlfriend in Buffalo.

Example 3

The Buffalo Bills had a kicker named Ray Finkle who missed the game winning field goal in the 1990 Super Bowl to the best sports team ever, the New York Football Giants
by Jay Knockers February 07, 2009
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Pronounced "Boof - A - Low "

A Bulky Female with a square like build. Usually Heavy Set, Often times hang around a group of males and identify themeselfs as "one of the guys". While not completly fat they can be considerd chunky . Usually the males in a group of freinds will resort to sex with her as a last resort when under the influence of alcohol.

Originated in a suburb of buffalo NY. When a Russian parent came home and asked "why did you bring these girls from buffalo in my house" but translated in english to

"why did you bring these buffalo's here"
Guy 1:"Dude look at that that group of guys."
Guy 2 : " Looks like they have a Buffalo in the group as well"
Guy1 : "oh yeah i bet shes putting out tonight"
Guy2: " i feel sorry for whoever fucks her, when he wakes up she will probably crush his ribs with her manly build."
by Man-Man March 12, 2010
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