Fucking something up extremely, or not being able to focus.
Usually being said if something bad happens while under the influence of some kind of drug.
"Don't be buffalo, do bomb."
"James, you buffalo you broke my front door?!"
"Your being buffalo."
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
Buffalo is the definition of "used to".
Buffalo used to be cool.
It used to be semi-prosperous.
It used to be respectable.
It used to be inhabitable.

I'm not saying that if Scott Norwood makes that kick anything changes, but it wouldn't have made things worse.

The blue-collar factories and steel industry are, for the most part, long dead.

The political situation in Buffalo is, for lack of better words, a filthy stinking cesspool of overspending, patronage, and pork.

The inner city is a wasteland of crime, poverty, drugs. They could have saved it, revitalized the whole damn thing, but instead of building the University Center at Buffalo actually IN Buffalo, they built it in the suburbs.

I'm not going to go into the weather. Let's leave it at: when you can't remember what spring feels like, you know you're in Buffalo.
Stewardess: Due a a freak blizzard in May, we cannot take off. Enjoy Buffalo.

Passenger: Buffalo?! What a shithole...
by Master Control March 17, 2005
A derogitory term for someone of flemish (belgium) decent.
That buffalo makes good waffles
by Vincent June 03, 2004
a hipster filled city
was once a great place to live, and now is pretty much the ghetto.
is filled with skaters.
isn't a great place to live
and is known for the sabers, bills, drugies, drunkies, and buffalo wings
buffalo is filled with drunk, druged up, hipster sports fans.
by madelinekathryn May 14, 2008
A city in western New York which thinks it has a lot going for it because they have a NFL team but it's really as big a %&^%hole as everywhere else in Western NY. Plagued by abandon buildings and run down neighborhoods, Buffalo is not a place anyone should be proud to call home.

While Buffalo is a urban area, it is mostly full of drunk rednecks who are obnoxious and loud. You would think it was a small city in Georgia.
You went to Buffalo, NY? I'm so sorry
by Nancy1198 January 21, 2007
A small city far upstate. Depressed, crime-ridden and boring; could probably turn itself around if it tried to be New York City instead of Detroit.
Upstater: "There's more to New York State than New York City."

Everyone else: "Nobody cares."
by NYC > Buffalo May 24, 2004
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