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a black man
Buenos have large penises.
by sexually frustrated. January 19, 2013
Yes or affirmative
A positive answer to a positive a negative question
Do you want to go see a movie
by Gregitory October 16, 2007
A young hot african-american. Or any other black guy.
"omg stacy look at that sexy Bueno."

"look at the bueno rob that elderly women, hes fast!"
by Stinky Pinky14 November 09, 2011
tits, boobs, breasts
that chick has some muy buenos
by Mjp January 01, 2005
best part of college was buenos with my boys
by raidersoccer November 10, 2010
a term for describing a huge penis, when in the mood, you will be obliged to place it in any orophis
id like to suck that bueno

ticle me bueno
by Jonathan hart, andy garcia. June 23, 2007