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A butt queef,Air pockets while having anal sex and reinserting causing a farting sound to occur
Dude I stuck it in her butt and she bueefed so loud
by ScottyD86 May 26, 2007
When a woman bleeding out of her bagina, and she happens to queef at the same time.
Stacy: Oh Debby I'm having such a bad period this month that when I queefed the other day blood shot out.

Debby: Oh you bueefed.

Stacey: Bueefy.
by creamabdulbabar March 19, 2010
Back Queef. The 'queef' sound your back makes whilst performing sweaty crunchs on the floor. It doesn't smell.
Synonym: backtoot.
"Hey Joe, did you hear that chick fart?"
"Oh Carl, that's just a gym bueef."
by Koppessetic wienus November 22, 2013
When a girl farts and the air claps out through her pussy lips
I was sitting in traffic and had to fart, I couldn't lift my butt cheek high enough so I bueefed out my pussy.
by shorny tatman June 16, 2011