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The proper name to call a close bro.

Buddydoods commonly:

1)play hockey and/or lacrosse.

2)have flowy lettuce streaming out the back of their buckets
3) always rocks a pinny or a Polo polo or a nice pastel
4) wears nice pastel shorts
5) wears a fresh backwards fitted or snapback
6) wears croakies with a fresh pair of shades (i.e. preferably rayban or oakley)
7) drinks a lot of beer smokes a lot of weed and pack a lot of chewing tobacco
8)owns a jeep cherokee
9) listens to dave matthews
10) throws sauce, lives the dream
11) nike midcalves with turf dogs or boat shoes
Hey buddydood lets go drink some brews and toss some sauce in the back yard and bury the biscuit top shelf and listen to dave. Word buddydude
by thereal_doood May 01, 2011