Thick, nerdy, horn rimmed glasses, much like the ones Buddy Holly popularized back in his day.
The lead singer of Weezer is kinda dorky, but he looks so hot in those Buddy Hollys!
by Dorian Black! April 14, 2005
Top Definition
great rock star,and long lost reletive of rivers cuomo
buddy holly and the crickets own man!
by futuramafan May 02, 2008
A great Rock Star That has somehow been forgotten by everyone (Including me) for anything but his really awesome glasses.


An insane Weezer Song
Dude did you see Rivers with the Buddy Holly Glasses? The What? Those Horn-Rimmed Glasses. Oh yeah!

OMG! Buddy Holly is by far the BEst Weezer Song Ever!
by me the awesome October 10, 2008
mixing cocaine and ecstasy. which makes the ecstasy last longer.

comes from the buddy holly song rave on.
you: so you and justin were up all night just dancing around in his room?

your friend: well we had buddy holly to keep us company.
by makeitgo June 01, 2007
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