Its how i say buddy, you bozack
Lets go the movies budday
by True To My Roots July 11, 2003
Top Definition
1.) Some random guy who won't wave to you on the street, or otherwise greet you.
2.) A man who does you wrong/screws you over
3.) An especially bad driver

While usable for all genders and ages, the preferred word when talking to a woman is "lady" (lay-day).
When a child is the target: "junior" (joon-ya) is appropriate.
Ayyy! Fuck you budday!!
by Ross H November 28, 2004
An expression used to show how much you like something, to show an appreciation, to be very BUDDAY BUDDAY, and as always, emphasis is key. Said this way, "BUDDAY- have emphasis on the BUD yet less emphasis on the DAY, but never losing emphasis on the whole word. BUDDAY. Almost like saying it like, BAU-dae, (in lamen terms). Used to express emotions as in the examples below:
1. That is very BUDDAY BUDDAY
2. Hello good BUDDAY
3. What in the good BUDDAY?
4. That was very unBUDDAY
6. Captian BUDDAY
7. Time to BUDDAY it up a bit
8. There is only one word to describe that......BUDDAY
9. BUDDAY is used any time at all possible times
by Captain BUDDAY July 27, 2003
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