A buddy that is light headed. Usually refering to someone with a lack of education that is really close to the smarter one. May be a best friend with a low education next to a Yale Grad student.
My best friend is bud light. He goes to a dumb college instead of Yale, like me.
by Momommmop November 09, 2007
Definition of throwed. Drunk as fuck.
by BudLight August 25, 2003
A friend that immediately bails on you whenever you are anything less than perfect.
John thought Sara was a true friend and companion but realized she was just a bud light when she ditched him for farting in public.
by Bang Macri April 14, 2011
1. to be broken, not correctly functioning, not working.

2. to be undesirable, lame
3. busted
After seeing President Obama's beer of choice, observers grew weary of the soundness of his choices and hoped that bud light health care was not on the horizon!
by Ceepy August 10, 2009
The Best beer known too man.
even 120ibs girls can handle 12-16. Mainly found at high school parties because it is Cheap & comes in Bulk.
Sammy : Dudeee whats with all the Bud Light?
Bobby : Its High School man.
by partypartyletsgetwasted June 26, 2010
A girl that is so attractive that you would like her anus.
My friends and I where walking down the street when a girl passes by, I told my friends that I would give her a bud light all night long.
by budlighters October 20, 2009
One of the most popular party drinks if bud heavy is not available for consumption.
Bro 1: Hey (insert name) can you pass me a bud.
Bro 2: Dude all we have is bud light.
Bro 1: Alright then pass me two and it's all good.

by Aannddy April 26, 2006
The extraordinarily 'soft,' lame and unchallenging alcholic beverage, supposedly once used to aid a female's tipsiness.
When driving home with loved ones, it is wise to drink Bud Light
by aka jesus December 03, 2002

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