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Having sex with your buds.
"Hey those two guys seem a little too close."

"Yeah, they have bud sex."
by wssdesigns May 18, 2006
When a manjob or a brojob just is not enough to help out your best of friends. Budsex might be in order. It is where your best friend may penetrate you anally for his own intense personal pleasure.

It is not gay.
Bro#1 : Hey bro, I know she dumped you and I see how down you have been, even after several manjobs. Since it's your birthday, how about some budsex? My treat!

Bro#2 Bro, that would be awesome, it would really help me out.

Bro#1 : No problem bro, let me grab some lube.
by MostHated99 November 04, 2011
Having sex after smoking a joint
John came over last night with some great herb. I didn't plan to have bud sex, but it was fantastic!
by Epicurian Procrastinator May 25, 2006
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