Also may be spelt, "Bac-ky."
Basically Nammers, but speak with a northern Vietnamese dialect. Their parents come from the Ha Noi area in Vietnam. Truer Nammers usually dislike Buckies because of their accents.
Nammer Nammer: Look at that bucky. Who does he think he is?
Bucky Nammer: Hey, I'm a NAMMER too!
Nammer Nammer: You wanna start something, BUCKY?!
Bucky Nammer: You so hurt. :(

(Nammers say 'you so hurt' when someone or something hurts them.)
by Bobbie June 18, 2006
(1)Light hearted, fun, wihthout a care.

(2)Having consumed a fair quantity of drugs and alcohol

(3)A guy I went to high school with in Albany Ca. who inherently did tons of crystal meth and partied in the punk rock fixed gear scene in Oakland ca.
He now lurks on east 14th avenue sweeping up outside the taco trucks
after 2am.
What a great situation! I am all bucky inside!

I got so fuckin trashed last night, I was so bucky that I beat the shit out of some guy in the bathroom!

Oh, shit, that looks like bucky, quick! lets go over this way before he sees us and begs for some change to buy another 40oz bottle of steel reserve.
by namllrn April 27, 2004
A really obnoxious "coolie" girl/bitch.
Has lots of Pimples, so many a blind person could read story in braille on her forehead (Known as The Horizon)
Hey Bucky, your a giant bitch
Hey Bucky... whats that on your face?
by Pady :)~ October 03, 2003
A homosexual, one who has earnt his rusty sherrif's badge.
What a bucky!
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
A bucket with a lid.
Chuck it in the Bucky.
by Mel October 25, 2004
Wild or out of control
Deja is bucky when he drinks.
by Taternuggets July 12, 2015
A person who uses steroids too much, or other drugs that promote muscle growth
That nigga swole af, he a bucky ass nigga
by H.W Wells Jr. February 05, 2015

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