To be in a state of butting heads. All you want to do is to pick fights and tick people off, like a bucks in their rut.
PJ: How's it going Lance?
Lance: *shoves PJ* what's your problem? Why don't you just die.
PJ: Geez Lance, somebody's BUCKY today!
by Burkwell January 15, 2013
Another word for Northern Vietnamese; derived to describe northern dialect
Bucky's have a different language dialect as to southern vietnamese.
by Dich Moang October 23, 2003
A person who is crabby or annoyed and being difficult to the people around them.
Person A - "Hey, can you help me?"

Person B - "No, I'm tired and not in the mood for this shit."

Person A - "Wow, why are you so bucky tonght?"
by A Dubbs April 23, 2009
Much like a 'shoey', you fill your bucket hat with an alcoholic beverage and skull it as fast as you can.
You're in the club and you get the sudden urge to do a shoey, but you think to yourself 'Idont want to ruin my shoe', so instead you take you bucket hat off and use that instead!

Everyone else with bucket hats join in, BUCKIES ALL ROUND!
by Hotbox9 September 01, 2015
To do a Bucky is to adopt a false persona in order to conceal one's homosexuality. Named after the fictitious, gay cowboy H. C. G. J. Bucky who believed that raising a ruckus would divert attention from his true nature.
That chap in the stetson keeps talking about hookers and blow. Is he demented?

No, he's just doing a Bucky. He's really as gay as a party frock.
by Version2 September 25, 2010
A person who uses steroids too much, or other drugs that promote muscle growth
That nigga swole af, he a bucky ass nigga
by H.W Wells Jr. February 05, 2015
A hickie which is potent enough to draw blood. Not usually implied with negative connotations, but rather overstimulation. Originates from Canada.
"Are you sure you're so into biting?" "Yes, I love my bucky."
by ShortyBobby January 03, 2013
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