The explosive, violent shit you take after drinking a starbucks drink.
After my skinny caramel latte, I had a serious buckshot this morning.
by Jackamoe62580 March 11, 2011
When a male places both testicles into a female's vagina & has her queef them back out again with force.
I almost lost it when Matilda buck shot my balls last night.
by Tomby May 20, 2011
The hair that grows down ones neck when they are in desperate need for a haircut or shape-up.
Look at the buckshots on LT's neck.....besides needing a shower, someone better take him downtown for a shape-up.
by rriles September 01, 2006
little nappy hairs in the back of A PERSONS neck usually hard to comb through... usually found on blackpeople which is why it is sometimes called nigga naps but they appear on all types of ppl
damn you need to clean up your kitchen (refering to back f the neck) and shave your buckshots
by Britsta February 03, 2006
A substance, when the face is struck with it, produces a conundrum of sensations. Mostly pure bliss with a hint of animosity and lime.But in all is a pleasurable experience. Only a true dragon slayer can supply you with such a rare and wonderful substance. It is a staple for a good party.
The buck shot at the party last night was off the chain.
Can I have a little more buck shot on my face? I thoroughly enjoyed that.
by MEGA-slut February 02, 2009
Splatter shot diarrhea often caused by drinking excessively. Named due to the loud boom of the initial fart in the toilet as well as the scattered release of the poop, like a buck shot.
I drank too much whiskey last night, got mad buckshots this morning.
by lo_sangeles November 14, 2010
When a girl who's a real prostitute has a horrible looking crater face resembling buck shot to the face.
What's ole' buck shot up to these days, sucking off 40 year olds?
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 06, 2005

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