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One who enjoys torturing and nailing tards in the nuts with kickballs.
Scott shot Hubie in the forehead with a spitball, and therefore, Hubie proclaimed, "Ow, Scott is a buckley boy!"
by Farley July 19, 2003
One who is the enforcing, authoritative counselor at a camp for special education students. It is the buckley boy's duty to make certain that all rules are strictly adhered to. If a camper disobeys any rules, the buckley boy has the right, and is expected to punish the camper. Punishment can range from revoking snack and/or pool privlidges, taking away the camper's toys, and believe it or not, the buckley boy is permitted to repeatedly nail a male camper in the nuts with a dodge ball or tennis ball if the camper refuses to comply with a conselor's instructions or demands.
After Trevor poured grape soda on his counselor's head, Trevor's counselor went buckley boy on his ass, or nuts.
by taji baji July 17, 2003