Term used to describe an odd doggy style method. The male leans down over the female during sex then strongly punches the girl twice in the kidneys. The male must hold on while the female tries to "buck off" the guy. Any version of the bucking bronco must be witnessed by at least 2 people. And the record is 26 seconds.
"Dude, I'm taking this bitch I met home and I'm going to do the bucking bronco. I need you guys to witness it!"
by Louis Freese December 09, 2006
When a man is doing a girl doggystyle and sticks both his thumbs up the girls ass and hooks both inside so he has a firm grip. While the girl reacts to this, she starts to kick out like a horse and thats where the fun begins...
Last night I gave the girl the time of her life. She even got the bucking bronco!
by Spliff Dog February 21, 2008
A bronco who is bucking.
Hey Harry look over there a bunking bronco.
by MY NAME IS UNDEFINED August 03, 2005
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