When you are doing doggy style during sex, you reach over and grab hold of the womens shoulders. After you tell her you have Aids or STD's and you ride her untill she can get you off, looking like an angry bull.
When Burock told his girlfriend Felica he had Aids during doggy style she tried to fight him off looking like a angry bull. or also known as bucking bronco
by Phillip Rosen B April 14, 2008
NOUN. When a girl is on top riding the man, and he grabs her by the waist, his buddies open the door and start cheering. It is at that moment when the girl will try to get off. The man will then see how long he can hold her on.
At Club O last night, in the bathroom, Sebastian set the record with a 37 second Bucking Bronco.
by Purple Sticky Punch November 02, 2009
your all wrong. you see its when your fuckin a girl real hard and your gettin her from behind and all of a sudden you fish hook her with your middle fingers right. then you scream out her name and tell her how good it feels but you call her the wrong name. then she starts goin wild and starts buckin tryin to throw your ass off but you hang on for your life enjoyin the ride and throwin that one hand up.
"last night i was fuckin jamie and i called her susey and she started doin the Bucking Bronco."
by James Gaetano May 26, 2008
Before having sex, you jump onto your girlfriend's back, and whisper into her ear, "I have AIDS". She will start jumping or 'bucking' around. The aim is to try to stay on her back for as long as you can. Try to set records with your friends
"Hey man, where did you get the black eye?"
"Oh that? Well I tried out that bucking bronco thin with Sarah... she didn't think it was funny."
by Julien Kearman January 10, 2008
You're doing a girl doggy style and you lean up and whisper in her ear, ""I have AIDS". She starts hopping around and you see how long you can stay on.
"When I was with Ashley, I gave her a Bucking Bronco after I told her my secret."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
None of you got it right. A bucking bronco is... when you are having sex in a car, typically sitting in the front seat with the woman straddling your lap (it works best if she's facing you so she can't see what you're doing), you push in the cigarette lighter and when it pops out you quickly touch it to her ass cheek for a second. Naturally she will buck up and down and try to get off, and you have to grab hold and keep her on you.
"Man, me and Cheri where in my car last night getting it on, and I gave her a bucking bronco. She was pissed off but it was a great ride!"
by Mr. Lizard April 06, 2009
Similar to other definitions, the bucking bronco is when you are fucking your girl doggy style, you then make a smart comment(ex. "I have AIDS" or "Your sister was better" and see how long you can stay on for.
You are banging a random chick you met that night, doggy style. While it's all goin on you whisper in her ear,"I have AIDS," then let the ride begin and see how long you can stay on that bucking bronco for.
by Erik June 18, 2006

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