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A sexual postion similar to doggie style but the couple are on there knees.
the male is fondaling the Females breats with one hand and the other hand stimulates the clit .<does not matter what hand does what> All the while sloppy tounge kissing and pumping the vagina with with fast ,short and deliberate strokes to climax! A must try for freaks of all ages!!!
bucking-1.To leap upward arching the back
2.To make sudden jerky movements
3.Informal: To strive with determination
minotaur- mythical monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man
Last night I pulled off a sweet bucking minotaur ,Sally said that it was best sensation she'd ever experienced!Thank you Pac Man jones!!You Da man!!!!
by pac man jones March 08, 2008
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