A buckin bronco is when your friends hide in a closet in a bedroom. You bring your chick upstairs into the same bedroom and start fucking her as your friends listen in and/or watch. You when get her in doggy style you say a trigger word like "sweet" something that is not out of the norm for sex. When your friends in the closet hear this they jump out screaming and one times how long you can ride her as she is trying to buck you off
Brad Pitt and his friends did the buckin bronco to Angelina
by Wives12 April 27, 2009
Top Definition
When you are having anal sex with a girl, whisper in her ear you have AIDS and try to ride her like a raging bronco.
"I pulled a buckin bronco on her and she went nuts."
by david November 17, 2004
To fuck a chick doggystyle and whisper into her ear how ugly she is or how u fucked her sister. She will then try to get away so u pull her hair and see how long u can stay in her.
by gaijin August 27, 2003
Upon the act of coitus of the "doggy" variety, the male partner (cowboy) grabs the hair (mane) of the female partner. In this instance the female partner will be referred to as a Bronco. At this point, the cowboy, whilst maintaining a firm grasp of said mane, yells (in a western drawl): "I have AIDS, syphilis, fleas... ect." Soon thereafter, the Bronco, in a futile attempt to escape the "8 second ride", will start the buckin' process. This is known as the "Buckin' Bronco"!
In a feeble attempt to dislodge my tube-steak from her gully-hole, she flailed and kicked like a buckin' Bronco. Yeehaw!!!
The Buckin Bronco kinda goes a little like this. You are doing the girl from behind and start calling her by her wrong name. This makes her raging with anger and you try to stay on.
Allison could only handle the Buckin Bronco for so long until she just laid out Matt.
by Wangler May 05, 2005
while dukeing a girl, have a friend hide in the closet and suddenly jump out and frighten the girl so much that she will begin to rage around the room while you grasp on to her shoulders and attempt to stay on as long as possible
boy, that girl sure can buck like a bronco.
by jon rom January 18, 2004
When fucking your chick from the back. Leanin' foward and gripping her tits very firmly. Then yelling another chicks name and holding on to dear life while she tries to get you off her.
I rode this chick like a buckin' bronco.
by Junior Vazquez August 30, 2006
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