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Girl's who looked cute but once you dump a bucket of water on (removing makeup, messing up perfectly straighten hair, etc.) look like crap.
Did you see that paramore misery business video?

Oh yeah that one slut was a total bucket girl.

Omg Sally is hanging around James!!
Don't worry, Sally's a bucket girl.
by xakire December 05, 2010
The nickname of Kisume, a boss character from the Japanese doujinshi game 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism (romanized: Touhou Chireiden, meaning Eastern Palace of the Earth Spirits).
When I first played th11, I got hit on the head by that bucket girl!
by redtails October 26, 2010
A girl that has a minge the size of a bucket, from all the slagging around.
Bev is a bucket girl as she is 14 and has shagged more guys than any girl i know of my own age
by jimenydooodaaa May 22, 2007