To be strucken on the side of your head with the butt end of an object.
"Gun Bucked"
"You want me to Buck you with my phone"
"Yo the bitch purse bucked me"
by Davzies Boy January 15, 2003
when you stab someone with a knife in the middle of a brawl.
Young Buck bucked the guy who punched Dr. Dre.
by JMKousen November 19, 2004
Used to describe an event that is cool.
If used to describe an object it has a similar meaning to "Jacked".
Also can be used to descrbie an emotion which it then has the same definition as "very".

Somebody gets a really good blowjob - "Yo that blowjob was bucked"
You win the lottery - "This is freakin bucked"
If a man is muscular "That guy is bucked"
Also after getting a good blowjob. "Man that makes me feel bucked"

by Davzies Boyz March 03, 2003

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