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gettin shot
yo man u got bucked pretty bad homes
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
if u get bucked u shot
by AC June 03, 2003
To get fucked by someone.
"Get her blocked and get her bucked!"
by Ry8 April 19, 2009
1. Adj.- metaphorical juxtaposion of the effect of being bucked (standard def.) by a donkey, as it pertains to an existential circumstance

2. V.- to cause physical or mental impairment; to harm

3. Adv.- in a recieving or delivering state of buckage.
"A donkey bucked me in mah mouf and I bust my toof!"

"That donkey just bucked his dignity."

"I dropped so much acid.. dude I was bucked."

"Don't sit on a cactus, you'll get bucked."

"Don't play with a scorpion, you'll get bucked."
by HoboTron April 09, 2007
When you get really hammered.
Kids are just gettin bucked.
by anonymous April 12, 2005
Too lazy to plow your girl
Man, I was so bucked last night my girl left me for another man. Sad Face
by T3hMa5ta January 12, 2014
A position similar to "reverse cowgirl", the female mounts on to an erect penis while on a school bus. Then, as the bus preceeds to hit bumps along the road, she commences the bus fucking.

I bucked her on the way to basketball game." or "Damn son! Get off my lap or prepare for the best bucking of your life.
by Big Buckaholic March 30, 2011