Smoething To be very disgusting or nasty, hence the suffix 'buck'. Originated in the ghettos of shaunassy.
Person 1: 'yo shit bitch that pug-fugly biotch was bucknasty!
Person 2: 'hells yes bro, im gon' bust a cap!'
Squids that ride custom painted GSXR bikes and jackets that are 19 sizes too big.
Rider #1 "yo dike night is pretty sweet tonight"
Rider #2 "yeah...till BuckNasty showed up on that sweet gixxer"
by ToeKNEE266 July 05, 2011
when u do something good and crazy
you just got buck nasty on me
by robin6969 April 20, 2009
A girl that is so ugly that you would not pay a buck to get with her nasty ass
Man that girl you hooked up with last night was buck nasty
by tbiggs December 05, 2007
1. To start getting buck naked in prepartion for sex, usually the precusor to gettin' down, not really gettin' down but about to get down.

2. A male who is free with his body, often showing it off in public, cause he's nasty
1. Ay yo, Strawberry man, me and dis bitch was gettin' all buck nasty, then she sayz "you got protection?" I was like HELL NAW!

2. ay yo there is Tooth man gettin' all buck nasty at the beach!
by Mcdizzle fa Rizzle September 28, 2006
1.)To Have dirty, filthy, pig like, animal sex.
Me and Suzzy rotten crotch got buck nasty last night.
by Kkal July 01, 2006
1. Mad ugly or disgusting chick
All them bitches in the club were buck nasty, bitches need to bathe
by ABJ March 21, 2005

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