to fire a shot with a gun. To shoot.
1) ya better duck cuz I'ma about to buck

2)run at ya, and say fuck ya, and BUCK BUCK BUCK!
by RiverParkG June 15, 2007
to leave quickly or run away (orlando, fl)
when the pojaz showed up i had to buck out the back door
by Crunk407 March 27, 2007
a person, place, or thing with many positive qualities is said to be "buck"
man my girl friend is Buck !
by hamghetti... September 20, 2006
To have sex. Usually describes a man having sex with a woman. Used in Northern ireland exclusivly.
"she's fuckin' powerful, I'd buck the hole of her."

"get 'er bucked, big lad!"

"Haha, we caught him bucking some ugly bitch!"

"aye, he's fuckin' devestated. he just found out that she was gettin' bucked by some squaddie while he was lookin' after the kids"
by ClarkeKentyboy September 19, 2006
Can be used to refer to a friend.
"What's up, buck?

"Heeeeey, bucky.... how's it goin'?"
by Jay-Rod August 25, 2006
to either merk someone or kill them; whether its in real life or in a video game, like halo
while playing halo i was gettin shot at, i yelled "where is the bucking, why is it happenening, and how can i get involved?"
by mean joe green July 25, 2006
Slang term for an AK47.
"My conscience tellin me if I put the clip in the buck
It might be loud enough to wake B.I.G and them up"
The Game - 200 Bars and Runnin'
by hondafox March 15, 2006

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