V. butt fuck; BUttfuCK; to fuck someone in their ass.
Guy #1: "I heard she lets guys do things other girls won't."
Guy #2: "You mean she'll let you buck her?"
by dillpolik July 27, 2011
(v): the act of taking something without permission; stealing.
Jeff: Aw man, where's my pen?
Greg: Oh, sorry dude. I borrowed it to write on my desk and i must have accidentally bucked it. Here you go.
Jeff: It's cool, but don't let it happen again.
by nmb122289 January 24, 2010
Between the back and the bum. Otherwise known as the small of the back. Individuals have been known to indulge in 'bucking', where a lucky person gets to rest their head on the other persons buck. It is a very enjoyable, delectable experience and can often lead to steamed nosh.
'Buck' = between the back and the bum.
by JizicaSpankin December 05, 2009
Used to descried people and or things that are crunk
that party was really fun .

Yeah it was to Buck
by ladybrit09 June 02, 2009
usually means to be wild (word can have several meanings); to be deliberately wild; to get things under control and do business; to make money; to get intoxicated with a substance and do work.
Let's smoke blunts and get buck.

Do work and get buck.
by kushwisdom April 30, 2009
the act of removing a marijuana bud from its stem. After a marijuana plant has had all the excess leaf removed (called trimming or manicuring, etc) the plant at some point in the process needs to have the bud removed from the stem, this is called bucking. this may be derived from the logging industry where bucking refers to cutting a log into lengths for transport or rounds for firewood.
"All my trimmers took off to work for my neighbor before i had a chance for them to buck it all. Now i gotta do it all myself"
by northhum April 20, 2009
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