The act of playing Halo, Halo2, or Halo3
sup, you tryna buck?,

wuts goodie? shit just buckin
by Elias Sanchez January 30, 2008
The act of fucking someone hard.
Man, I bucked her last night.
by DC8u9 May 29, 2007
Most bad ass team in the world, oppisiste of the Wolverines.
My favorite team is the Bucks, and anyone playing Michigan.
by elmothepope April 16, 2007
Equivilent to 100 dollar,

I spend a Buck Fifty on those sneakers. means i spend 150 dollars.
by Gabriel Rod January 04, 2006
To refuse or object to doing something because you don't like it.
Boy, She was all like 'You besta pick up that cat crap!' And I was all like man I buck and walked off.
by Monit3r April 08, 2005
To shoot with a shotgun
I'm the one who bucked all yo homies bitch whatchu gonna do?
by 'sup P December 10, 2004
another word for fuck
Did you buck last night?
by Jaeill April 08, 2004
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