1. the coolest of all people
2. term for dollar
3. steal
4. 100 mph
5. the opposite of bicker
yo buck, you eff-ing rule!
let me buck a buck.

i was doing a buck and some change down 295.
bicker, you are so not buck.
by andrew June 05, 2004
a derrogatory term for a person of black or native american decent
I was quite surprised that this example of 'buck' was not already contained within the philistine drivel of definitions.
by sesquipedalian April 21, 2004
An ill-fated hospital orderly who got his head bashed in by The Bride for pimping her when she was in a coma.
My name is Buck and I came here to fuck!
by Jules Carrozza January 14, 2004
buck is also used when a person refuses to go along with something or follow a certain rule.
Dino:whatchu doin here dog? i thought u had to see yo P.O. today?
Smurff:I did but i bucked on that shit!
by Smurff September 23, 2003
like wild,like u crazy and u dont give a f*ck!
Dang man she is buck!
by Sa'Ra July 02, 2003
First of all, them otha defenitions fa buck ain't right. Any REAL thug knows that buck means to steal. Buck is usually used when it comes to selling drugs. Whether it means not givin them the full supply u chargin them for or whether it means takin their money without givin them their SH*T
by YOUSACLOWN! January 03, 2003
v. When , after smoking a usually large amount of kush , a person starts to hallucinate and have a bad trip. It sometimes leads to thoughts of dying before coming off the high .

It derives from the situation where you are riding a mechanical bull , and it throws you off with force .
billy: "oh man , i smoked some kush this weekend and i buck'd out !"

jill: "that sucks , dude ."
by melinhead April 05, 2008

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