it also is used in ranking when u gonna give sum1 like a 100 ranks
ayo im bout to give u a buck for sayin that
by Luis Hartbeat4lyfe October 06, 2003
something that is undesireable, or unnatractive ( see also wonder buck and heidi buck )
man , that chick is buck
by raggedy sam June 13, 2003
Noun: The act of describing an action as entertaining and or exciting.
That dance was completely Buck.
by DemoNMayN June 29, 2009
A more kid appropriate version of the F word, you just replace the first letter of a swear word with the letter b and your're good to go
Im gunna buck you up the bass hole

Buck you mother bucker
by Little Boots February 06, 2009
a girl who plays soccer , often has a preppy style but when she hits her teens she turns kinda punk-ish. otfen falls for the boys with mohawks. she fingers herself daily. has a pet fish named boho.
buck has the door lock again , you know what that means.
by robert. May 01, 2008
A male from Southern Rhode Island, of Irish heritage, usually driving vehicles of questionable reliability. Can be approached, as long as person approaching is offering sandwiches or beer. Most commonly overheard saying "Hey, hows it going" or " Make me a couple sandwiches", major weakness; internet porn
I gonna bring the doom with the buck
by Big Bad Bricky September 23, 2006
Buck has many definitions, the newest definition meaning "100".
1.Sentence: "I'm pretty sure that guy weighed in around a buck sixty."
Translation: "I'm pretty sure that guy weighs around 160 lbs."

2.Sentence: "I destroyed my suped-up Celica in a street race yesterday... Rammed a wall at a buck thirty!"
Translation: "I crashed up my Toyota Celica in a street race yesterday. I connected into a wall at 130 km/h."
by Toy Soulja May 29, 2006

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