1. To fight
2. Steal
3. A way of tellin ya weight
4. Dollar
'You buckin on us we leavin you in plastic' 'I weigh a buck 3 (meaning 103lbs.)'
by Shae September 01, 2004
an amazing, sexy man who cares more for his woman than himself. proud of where he came from and where he is now. he sees absolutely no flaws in the hot mess he loves. and he goes out of his way to show his passion for her everyday.
I love you, Buck! Will you marry me?
An alternate way of saying 'fuck', used in the classroom when one does not want to get in trouble for swearing.

Coincides with other substitutes. Examples include 'ship' for shit, 'ax' for ass and 'fitch' for bitch.
Classroom Thug 1: Fitch, did you just steal my pen?

Classroom Thug 2: Buck you, I didn't steal ship.

Classroom Thug 1: You bucking liar, I'll kick your bucking ax!
by Andrewwwwkhu June 03, 2010
a form of speech whereby the user expresses his anger towards another; this word can also be used as a form of annoying others when prolonging the "u" sound.
Anthony's disgust towards Catherine's worthlessness drove him to buck her. What a site it was!
by Mr. Mueit April 23, 2009
Slang for 100 miles per hour... 130 is a buck 30, 140 is a buck 40, and so on.
I went up to a buck 55 in my M3 the other day.
by me March 08, 2005
it means a hundred in some terms
"eyo, how much do you weigh?"
"about a buck twenty."
by shhaauunn July 29, 2005
1) To jerk your body forward towards some one acting like you're about to hit them in order to make them flinch.

2) To fight.

3) A way to say "hundred"

4) Slang term for a young male

5) A sexual position in which the woman is on bottom laying on her back with her legs over the mans (who is on top) shoulders.

6) A male deer.
1) (guy 1 jerks towards guy 2)
guy 2: "What, you wanna fight? Don't just be jumpin at me. You better be ready to knuck(fight) if you buck."

2) "Man, you missed it. These two white chicks was buckin at lunch. It was hilarious."

3) "How much he pay you?"
"About a buck fifty."

"Man, you got here fast. What were you doin?"
"About a buck ten on the highway."

4) kid to adult: "Hey, what up man?"
adult: "Wassup young buck?"

5) guy 1: "Hey, I heard you hooked up with Heather, how was it?"
guy 2: "Man I put her ass in a buck and to' dat shit up"

6) guy: "Hey, I'm back from hunting."
girl: "You get anything?"
guy: "Yeah, I shot a buck."
by Jess-E-ca the freaka June 30, 2006
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