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1. To fight
2. Steal
3. A way of tellin ya weight
4. Dollar
'You buckin on us we leavin you in plastic' 'I weigh a buck 3 (meaning 103lbs.)'
by Shae September 01, 2004
1 5
The name of you're creepy next door nieghboor, most likely a child pedofile and rapist. Has long greasy hair, rarely showers or shaves, and has a tendancy to stare at young children for long periods of time, can offten be found in the McDonalds play pen area.
When I was young, Buck my neighboor tried to shove a toothbrush up my ass!
by ziggy_kid23 December 27, 2008
1 7
-adj. (in dance)
"When internal artistry meets physical expression."
-Lil C (So You Think You Can Dance, Ep. 75)
That performance was buck.
by vkzawa August 06, 2008
4 10
Beholders Upholding Christs' Kingdom. a new dance craze that evolved from "krumping". A new way to dance that involves taunts walks, pop-locking, and off the hook moves. "getting buck" is also a way to relieve anger.
Man, the session against Fury & Sirius Fam was BUCK. J Hot killed them with this sick move.
by Johnny Le August 17, 2006
2 8
to inhale drugs (or other things) through the nose.
me and a friend bucked E last night at Marlee's place. She didn't buck her caps though, she popped 'em.
by radioslut* June 08, 2005
2 8
to come very quickly
we didn't take longed because he bucked
by el shaddai November 03, 2004
2 8
another word for fuck
Did you buck last night?
by Jaeill April 08, 2004
11 17
To go buck: To get hillbilly on someone.
i.e. Don't make me get buck on you retard.
by Nicole October 11, 2003
4 10