1. To fight
2. Steal
3. A way of tellin ya weight
4. Dollar
'You buckin on us we leavin you in plastic' 'I weigh a buck 3 (meaning 103lbs.)'
by Shae September 01, 2004
The name of you're creepy next door nieghboor, most likely a child pedofile and rapist. Has long greasy hair, rarely showers or shaves, and has a tendancy to stare at young children for long periods of time, can offten be found in the McDonalds play pen area.
When I was young, Buck my neighboor tried to shove a toothbrush up my ass!
by ziggy_kid23 December 27, 2008
-adj. (in dance)
"When internal artistry meets physical expression."
-Lil C (So You Think You Can Dance, Ep. 75)
That performance was buck.
by vkzawa August 06, 2008
Beholders Upholding Christs' Kingdom. a new dance craze that evolved from "krumping". A new way to dance that involves taunts walks, pop-locking, and off the hook moves. "getting buck" is also a way to relieve anger.
Man, the session against Fury & Sirius Fam was BUCK. J Hot killed them with this sick move.
by Johnny Le August 17, 2006
to come very quickly
we didn't take longed because he bucked
by el shaddai November 03, 2004
To go buck: To get hillbilly on someone.
i.e. Don't make me get buck on you retard.
by Nicole October 11, 2003
1. $1.00
2. $100.00
3. To be shot.
3. Damn, that fool got BUCKED in a drive by last night.
by Stylez September 16, 2003
"the moment when internal artistry meets physical expression" - according to Lil' C on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance
the hip-hop routine performed by Comfort and Stephen "Twitch" Boss on So You Think You Can Dance Top Ten was buck.
by dragon_0113 August 07, 2008
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