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to hit an individual with the butt end of a weapon
Nigga was all up in my grill, so I bucked him in the dome.
by Adrian Martinez May 13, 2004
a down south word with a couple meanings..for instance

1.to steal or take quickly
2.to fight or brawl
3.to leave
1.damn dawg im hungry..im finna go buck from da corner store
2.fool ova dere keep lookin at me, he must wanna buck or sumtin
3.fuck! there go police, its time to buck
by peppep12 July 10, 2008
"buck" can be used to mean "buck naked," or to get completely undressed.
"Yo, me and this girl straight got buck last night!"
by Frigid Mage May 18, 2008
When a situation is getting out of control
Me:"I got tied up and left infront of the elevators last night"
Person: "Whoa, that party got way too buck!"
by Natalieeee August 11, 2007
A: a dollar
B: a word to describe something that has the quanity of 100, if above one hundred, the number above it should be added to "a buck" as in "a buck ten"
C: to fight
D: a male deer
A: yo that shit is ten bucks? what a fuckin rip!
B: that crazy muhfucka was doin a buck-twenty in a 30 zone
C: niggas be bukin me so i keep somethin round to buck back
D: i gots me a 10-point buck fer dinner tonite, and a squirrel fer appatizer
by nego December 06, 2005
Male whore.

origins: slave masters used to use a "buck" slave, who was the fittest of all male slaves, to impregnate the slave women.

the buck got all the pussy. just like a male whore.
"yo why do they call him young buck? is it cause he energetic?"
"naw, nigga. he be gettin all the pussy".
by buck boy2 April 07, 2014
noun; a state of complete drunkiness, common among wisconsinites,
noun examples
Last night I got so buck that I found my futon in a dumpster at the pizza hut last night.
If I am going to have sex with this mediocre girl I think I will need to get buck enough so that my goggles cannot detect her negative features.
by Proud Wisconsin Alcoholic May 12, 2011
A way to say Fuck at school.
Buck you you motherbucker.
by polocatfan April 18, 2011