to hit an individual with the butt end of a weapon
Nigga was all up in my grill, so I bucked him in the dome.
by Adrian Martinez May 13, 2004
Buck means 100, ususaly used for speed.
"I was going a buck ten in my camaro"
by Perrott June 17, 2003
A black male
That Buck was arrested fo slappin his hoe
by mrdudeman1122 March 25, 2010
Adjective or adverb. Originally used as the short form for "buckwild", but can be used in a variety of ways, and has a variety of meanings.

1. insane, wild, crazy

2. yes

3. very, or really
1. Whoa, did you see that drunk guy? he was going buck!

2. Q. Yo, did you hit that last night? A. Buck

3. That chick's face was buck wierd looking...

Can also be used by saying "the buckness"
example: "That lightning storm last night was the buckness"
by Bobby Wham October 17, 2006
a form of speech whereby the user expresses his anger towards another; this word can also be used as a form of annoying others when prolonging the "u" sound.
Anthony's disgust towards Catherine's worthlessness drove him to buck. What a site it was!
by Mr. Mueit April 23, 2009
1. The act of going crazy, insane, or getting pumped up to fight

2. Something awesome, or so ridiculous that it is unbelievable

1. guy 1: "whats that guy doin?"
guy 2: "gettin buck before he fights"

2. guy 1: "whats that?" (looking at colorful-ass AIR JORDS)
guy 2: "the buckest shoes you have ever seen"
by annananim March 30, 2008
A sexual position in which the man is on top and the woman has her legs up over his shoulders.
I put her in the buck.

We did it in the buck.

by Buck Roberts January 31, 2006
Crazy, awesome...

Pretty much invented by Lil C from "So You Think You Can Dance"
You so Buck!

That was BUCK!
by Dumbruvvesh*t December 04, 2011

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