to hit an individual with the butt end of a weapon
Nigga was all up in my grill, so I bucked him in the dome.
by Adrian Martinez May 13, 2004
according to "So You Think You Can Dance" buck is when internal artistry meets external expression.
That Hip-Hop dance was so buck
by kendalthedancer July 17, 2008
adj. when internal artistry meets physical expression (esp. as it pertains to hip hop dance)
(P1) They tore it up on the dance floor tonight!
(P2) Yeah! Their routine was really buck!
by The Sherman Tank July 17, 2008
Used as a replacement word, eps. for the word "Fuck", where profanity is not allowed.

*Others may include fark*
"Shut the buck up, you farkin' idiot"
by Brax November 25, 2006
a variation of 'fuck' endemic to the young people of Sydney's North Shore
'buck you're immense!'

'did u buck that lowie??'

by aonymous July 11, 2006
to inhale drugs (or other things) through the nose.
me and a friend bucked E last night at Marlee's place. She didn't buck her caps though, she popped 'em.
by radioslut* June 08, 2005
When Internal Artistry meets Physical Expression.
An example of Buck: Dancing.
by CocaineRogue July 17, 2008
(verb) to buck or to buck out; to leave in a hurry. synonyms: jet, bounce, split
I bucked out before she found out that I had busted all her yay and fucked her boyfriend.
by fornicait June 02, 2004
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